10+ Super Funny Reactions on Usain Bolt’s Winning Smile

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Ready to see some super funny reactions?

When you’re training for years or entire life and then you lose at some competition, that hurts. Especially if it is on some huge event like Olympic Games, for example. You know that billions of people are watching you, all over the world and most of them expect you to win, and then you lose. Just terrible!

What is worse in this case is when you are losing from somebody who is smiling while beating you and winning in a competition. Well, that is a hard thing to deal with.

However, this is what you can expect when racing against the best guy in the world. The one and only, and the fastest one, Usain Bolt. Usain is Jamaican athlete who made history with 3 gold medals in 100-meters long race. He is the first person who achieved this.

Expect winning in the race, what made this guy popular on the internet, are the smiling faces he is giving to the cameras after he crosses the finish line.

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