15+ Awful Face Swaps Tattoos Showing How Bad Tattoos Can Be


Face swaps tattoos can end up being a bad idea. People think that inking someone isn’t a hard job to do. But making tattoos is definitely an art which¬†demands many skills. So, if you don’t choose a real artist you can end up having really bad and ugly tattoo. Thus, you must be careful whom do you trust and whom will you allow to do something on your body that lasts forever.

You have to check a specific artist and his/hers skills. One way to do it is to swap faces on a real objects. To show you how things can go wrong, Bored Panda presented to all of us a list of images with face swaps mistakes. Check some of these images. Who would want to have something like this for a lifetime!?

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#1 Mreddie Fercury

15+ Terrible Tattoo Face Swaps That Show How Bad Some Tattoos Really Are
Via starecat Report
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